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Imprevu is a Belgian women's clothing brand born in 2016 from the desire of Justine God, the designer of the brand, to break the current style codes and business models.


At IMPREVU, quality is king! It is in this perspective and in the logic of a short circuit that Justine has chosen to concentrate her production exclusively in Europe, more specifically in Italy and Portugal. From fabric sourcing, to knitting the jerseys and confectioning the collections, everything is concentrated in Europe. In addition to having a reduced ecological impact, her ateliers offer innovative and high quality fabrics in order to leave IMPREVU the possibility to express its full originality.


Justine develops her capsules according to her intuitions and her “coups de Coeur”. Imprevu, allows each woman to find the silhouette that best suits her and expresses her personality. And this at affordable prices so that she can get well dressed without any regrets. Each Imprevu creation can be worn at any time of the day, it is the woman who defines the role of her outfit by adapting and varying the combinations according to her desires.


"At the risk of surprising you, I chose not to sell online. This approach allows me to keep a direct link with the stores and to ensure a certain exclusivity. And as such not to flood the market. »


Justine is convinced of the importance of the role played by her partner shops. It is with all their passion that each of them carefully select their brands to be able to offer their clients exclusive products. It is in these boutiques that we find collections that are different from those of the big chains and that we discover the stylistic identity of their region.


Imprevu makes it a point of honor to offer exclusivity to women, and hence its distribution is managed accordingly.


In other words, every woman needs a bit of Imprevu in her life!

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